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Defund413 is a network and resource hub with the purpose of:

Working towards the defunding and abolition of the police by building relationships across Western Mass cities and reallocating resources

Sharing resources, skills, and connections with leaders of Defund the Police campaigns across Western Mass, connecting new organizers with more experienced organizers and vice versa

Centering the leadership of Black visionaries who have been working towards police abolition for many decades, and supporting BIPOC-led organizing efforts and campaigns to Defund the Police

Directing white people who want to support Defund campaigns to first seek out pre-existing BIPOC-led efforts and, in turn, to not rely on the presence or labor of BIPOC in order to take initiative towards anti-racism and abolitionist work in their communities, given the understanding that structures of racism were created for and by white people who therefore have a responsibility towards dismantling them in ways that BIPOC feel to be safe and most effective

Helping prevent duplication of efforts


Defund 413 Switchboard

Want to get involved with Defund efforts in your area?  Contact us to find out what pre-existing groups are in your city or town.

A platform to boost your Defund-related events and content  

Send us information about defunding efforts and or resources you’d like to share, and we’ll post it to our social media and or send an email blast upon request.    

Monthly Community Board Drop-In Time

(If you can’t make it to the Drop-In time, feel free to email an announcement and we’ll be sure to share.)

              Tuesdays from 7pm to 7:30pm (next meeting tbd and advertised on our website, Instagram, email lists, and Facebook group.)

Defund413’s community board drop-in time is a space to:

  • Share upcoming events in your city/town.
  • Request help, resources etc. for an upcoming event or project. 
  • Ask questions about strategies, etc.
  • Share past events and successes, insights to offer, etc…
  • Make connections with others who are looking to do similar work in your area. 

Future Efforts

Defund 413 is currently working towards providing education and fundraising around police abolition and transformational alternatives.